our services

Customer Experience

We help you identify your customer’s pain points, for example through Customer Journey Mapping, optimise and automate the customer service, help you to find the right metrics and targets so you can move forward with a best-in-class customer experience.

We can also help you to find new customer service technologies, like for example conversational AI, or introduce known technologies life WFM, and negotiate the terms of use all stakeholders.

In organisational changes we can also offer interim management based on many years of management experience.

China – Germany

We build bridges between the East and the West. Our clients are small to mid-sized companies with a manufacturing need – we connect them directly to Asia, primarily in the Shenzhen region, to source their products in an easy, efficient and safe way.

We also organise guided tours of the start-up ecosystems in Shenzhen and Berlin.

To help makers realise their projects faster, we actively build the Trouble Maker Berlin community.

Talent search

We offer fast and targeted recruiting at a competitive price with Active Sourcing.